Teralba Mixquip Series 110 Side Entry Agitator – Removable Seal Demonstration

Teralba’s Mixquip Series 110 Side Entry Agitator uses an innovative seal design that reduces downtime when servicing the seal. The side entry agitator seal can be removed and replaced, whilst holding liquid in the tank and without need to entry the tank – No more confined space entries to service side entry mixer seals.

Agitator seal failure no longer requires transferring the product from the affected storage tank to another. The agitator seal can be serviced in situ, with virtually no loss of product, and a much quicker and safer procedure.

Mixquip Series 110 Side Entry mixers also incorporate an emergency shut off feature that can prevent significant product losses, in the event of a catastrophic seal failure. Mixquip Side Entry Mixers can used for a wide variety of low to medium liquids and tank sizes from 15,000 litres to 1 million litres.

Mixquip Mixers & Agitators – Designed, engineered and made in Australia for over 35 years.

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