Mixquip Series 620 Inline Emulsifier Video – Powder into Liquid Emulsifying.

Mixquip 620 inline emulsifiers offer exceptional flow rates and the ability to process higher viscosity products and “hard-to-wet” powders.

Emulsifying powders into liquids inline, is achieved by a unique and innovative high shear rotor design which radically increases the mixer’s capacity when compared to standard In-Line mixers, eliminating the need for an additional feed pump when processing higher viscosity products. Teralba Industries research & development team, spent countless hours working various customers, processing a huge range of products including powders, gums (xanthan), pharmaceutical gels and creams, through to fish guts! Productsin the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Mixquip Series 620 Inline Mixer features include:

  • Ultra sanitary construction
  • Self-pumping capacity
  • Minimal Aeration of products
  • Vertical or self-draining outlets
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by Teralba industries

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