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Capex That pays itself off!

What better to invest in than equipment that has a ROI of less than 12 months. In many applications, Dimpleflo heat exchangers for Waste Heat Recovery will do just that. Find out how! FEATURES: Ideal for reclaiming heat from waste streams containing fouling particles etc. Highly turbulent dimpled tube technology keeps solids in suspension and […]

Engineered for Longevity: Dimpleflo® Heat Exchangers Nearing 20 years of service!

These Dimpleflo heat exchangers have been heating municipal wastewater in a large processing facility for almost 2 decades! If you’re looking for reliable and efficient heat exchangers, Teralba Industries Dimpleflo® heat exchangers are the solution. With time-proven results in a diverse range of applications, our team can design and manufacture a solution to suit your requirements. The […]

Engineered for Efficiency: Dimpleflo® Heat Exchangers generate effortless cost savings

Dimpleflo Double Tube/ Double Pipe Heat Exchanger | Teralba Industries

The Dimpleflo® Double Pipe Heat Exchanger (also known as Monotube Heat Exchanger”) is the ideal choice for energy recovery. Hot waste/effluent from laundry operations (full of lint), vegetable blanching process, (full of fibrous contaminants), abattoirs (hot wash down water) chemical/ minerals process hot waste are a hazard both to municipal and onsite waste treatment plants. […]

Dimpleflo® Heat Exchanger Helps Dip Manufacturer reach HACCP standards fast!

Did you know that the Australian and NZ standards for cooling food products including dips, purees and sauces requires the product to be cooled from 60°C to 21°C in a maximum of two hours and from 21°C to 5°C within a further maximum period of four hours?  We had a fast-growing dip manufacturer approach us […]

Dimpleflo helps NZ laundry grow their washing process.

Laundry Waste Water Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger

Auckland Laundry Expands Dimpleflo Heat Exchanger to Save Energy & the Environment! In 2021, when Adam Peterson from Pryors Apparel Master Ltd ( Auckland NZ) realized that he needed to increase the capacity of their very successful industrial laundry yet again, they knew they could rely on Teralba Industries. After all, it was our team […]

Plate Heat Exchanger With Forklift Base

Fork Base PHE

Versatile Heat Exchangers! Adding the option of a forklift base to a plate heat exchanger add a whole new dimension of versatility.   The all stainless steel Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger pictured is designed and made in Australia by Teralba Industries, complete with a stainless forklift base. This means it can be moved anywhere around a […]



Let’s talk dimples. No – not the kind you find on the pinchable cheeks of children. The kind you find inside Teralba’s Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers. The kind that enables Dimpleflo to outperform all other forms of Heat Exchanger! The Dimpleflo Heat Exchanger is an innovation from the early 90’s, characterized by the hollows created on […]



Teralba industries have recently supplied some Thermpro chocolate melting systems for serious chocolate lovers. How serious? 1 tonne at a time serious. Have a look at the sheer scale of these machines! Made entirely of Stainless Steel, these Thermpro systems melt a 1 tonne block of chocolate in less than half an hour. Our chocolate […]