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Using Jet Fuel As A Cooling Media!

Industrial Heat Exchanger Using Jet Fuel To Cool Glycol - Dimpleflo Heat Exchanger

USING JETFUEL AS A COOLING MEDIA IN AN INDUSTRIAL HEAT EXCHANGER. In 2016 Teralba industries was approached by Vopak Terminals to repair a leaking heat exchanger. Located in Botany adjacent to Sydney International Airport, the Vopak terminal processes most of the jet fuel used in jet aircraft. The carbon steel Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger […]

Out With The Old & In With The New – Not Quite!

Air to Liquid Heat Exchanger Refurbishment

“Out with the old and in with the new” seems to be a catch cry in our modern “throw-away”economy, however this is not always the best solution for equipment installed in  infrastructure and processing facilities. Custom made or “design specific” equipment such as heat exchangers may be costly to replace with an “off-the-shelf” heat exchanger. […]