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Capex That pays itself off!

What better to invest in than equipment that has a ROI of less than 12 months. In many applications, Dimpleflo heat exchangers for Waste Heat Recovery will do just that. Find out how! FEATURES: Ideal for reclaiming heat from waste streams containing fouling particles etc. Highly turbulent dimpled tube technology keeps solids in suspension and […]

Engineered for Longevity: Dimpleflo® Heat Exchangers Nearing 20 years of service!

These Dimpleflo heat exchangers have been heating municipal wastewater in a large processing facility for almost 2 decades! If you’re looking for reliable and efficient heat exchangers, Teralba Industries Dimpleflo® heat exchangers are the solution. With time-proven results in a diverse range of applications, our team can design and manufacture a solution to suit your requirements. The […]

Engineered for Efficiency: Dimpleflo® Heat Exchangers generate effortless cost savings

Dimpleflo Double Tube/ Double Pipe Heat Exchanger | Teralba Industries

The Dimpleflo® Double Pipe Heat Exchanger (also known as Monotube Heat Exchanger”) is the ideal choice for energy recovery. Hot waste/effluent from laundry operations (full of lint), vegetable blanching process, (full of fibrous contaminants), abattoirs (hot wash down water) chemical/ minerals process hot waste are a hazard both to municipal and onsite waste treatment plants. […]