Teralba Industries offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service for most heat exchangers including exhaust gas economizers, tube-in-tube heat exchangers, U-Tube heat exchangers as well as plate & frame heat exchangers.

Our heat exchanger manufacturing plant based in South West Sydney, is manned by highly trained and experienced staff, and is fully equipped to recondition heat exchangers including most brands and configurations.

The repair and refurbishment of a heat exchanger, typically follows this procedure:

  • Pre-clean Inspection – This involves the dismantling of the heat exchanger plate pack or tube bundle from a multitube heat exchanger and thoroughly examining all surfaces to ascertain if the plates or tubes can be reconditioned or need replacing.
  • Gasket Removal – If the heat exchanger tubes or plates are not damaged then all gaskets and existing elastomers are removed.
  • Replacement – If the heat exchanger plates or tube bundle evidence signs of cracks, corrosion or erosion, then a new plate pack is prepared for installation in the existing PHE frame. In the case of a tube heat exchanger, the tube bundle(s) is carefully measured and drawn to enable a new heat exchanger bundle to be made, matching exactly, the redundant heat exchanger.
  • Cleaning – If the heat transfer surfaces are intact than the tubes or heat exchanger plates can be cleaned and reused. Typically, this includes a combination of soaking in a chemical bath, matched to the alloy that the heat exchanger is made from, and then high pressure cleaned.
  • Pre-Assembly Inspection – The cleaned heat exchanger tubes or plates are subjected to a secondary inspection to confirm there are no defects. This can include a visual and dye penetrant examination.
  • Re-Gasketing – Plates are fitted with new gaskets and new boots are fitted to the heat exchanger port connections. O-Ring or flange type gaskets are fitted to tubular heat exchanger bundles where required.
  • Re-Assembly – The plate pack or tube bundle is then reinstalled into the heat exchanger shell or frame.
  • Hydrostatic Test – All reconditioned heat exchangers are hydrostatically tested in accordance with AS1210, to ensure there is no leakage.
  • Report – A Heat Exchanger Service Report can be supplied if required.

Have a well-used or old heat exchanger that may be able to be refurbished or repaired? Contact our heat exchanger refurbishment specialists on 1300 20 70 20. Or email photos of your heat exchanger to sales@teralba.com for a free assessment.