Heat Exchangers Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commissioning of Heat Exchangers, Pasteurisers & Sterilizers can be a daunting task for small to medium sized businesses. Where a small to medium sized organisation does not have their own engineers & fitters, Teralba Industries heat exchanger technicians also provide an installation and commissioning service to ensure your new processing system is set up and operating at peak performance.

Service includes:

  • Transport of heat exchangers or pasteurisers to site
  • Arranging unloading and positioning heat exchangers to site requirements
  • Connection of services including heating and cooling media and electrical/air supply if required
  • Programming of pasteuriser controls modules
  • Training of pasteuriser operators including the use of the optional remote controller
  • Assist with HACCP certification

For further information or to obtain a heat exchanger selection and quotation please email your requirements through to our experienced heat transfer engineers at: sales@teralba.com or phone: 1300 20 70 20