Industrial Processing Systems

Thermpro Industrial Process Systems are turn-key systems, typically supplied as factory tested, turn-key package to heat, cool, sterilize or process, industrial products and waste streams.

The heart of Thermpro Industrial Processing Systems lies in the ability of Dimpleflo Double Pipe Heat Exchangers to heat or cool a vast range of chemicals, solutions and waste products, efficiently and without fouling.

Common applications includes sterilizing effluent from pharmaceutical and biopharm production facilities, where the waste streams and by-products may contain harmful pathogens.

Thermpro Processing Systems can incorporate Accu-Therm Plate Heat Exchangers or Temp-Plate Immersion Heat Transfer Panels.

Teralba Process Systems can include basic manual controls for temperature and flow, through to complete turn-key systems, integrating with a plants SCADA system or control interface. They can incorporate pumps, flowmeters, pressure & temperature transducers and are bespoke engineered to achieve the most demanding design parameters.

Packaged heat exchanger systems are mounted on stainless steel frames, configured and customized to fit within your footprint.

In more recent years Thermpro Industrial Process Systems have included remote monitoring and control, so that a plant manager can not only see what is happening remotely, but can also star, stop or fine tune the operation.

For further information or to obtain a heat exchanger selection and quotation please email your requirements through to our experienced heat transfer engineers at: or phone: 1300 20 70 20