Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

The Rotoflo Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (also known as a DSSHE or Dynamic Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger) are designed to heat or cool highly the most challenging products. This includes highly viscous products and slurries that cannot be processed efficiently through a tube-in-tube type heat exchanger. Whilst the Dimple Profile of a Dimpleflo Monotube Heat Exchanger achieves high heat transfer rates for mince, syrups, slurries and even sewerage, extremely viscous products often need to be processed through a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger. Other products where a heat exchanger with internal scraper blades is ideal include, gels or fluids that congeal or crystalize rapidly, such as petroleum jelly.

Rotorflo Scraped Surface Heat exchangers have a powered internal scraper which scrapes build up or fouling from the heat transfer surface. The scrapers move product away from the heat exchanger wall which guarantee optimum mixing (no hot or cold spots) and high heat transfer rates. As heat transfer rates and the cross-sectional area through the heat exchanger remain constant, a scraped surface heat exchanger typically has a lower pressure drop then pumping highly viscous products through a double pipe heat exchanger.

The scraper blades in the Rotorflo Heat Exchanger are manufactured from hygienic, chemical resistant, non-toxic synthetic materials. All other componentry is 316 stainless steel as standard. If products are particularly corrosive then the internal components of the heat exchanger can be manufactured from super duplex or high nickel alloys and the scrapers from PTFE or similar.


Benefits and Features

Rotorflo DSSHE can be supplied as free-standing heat exchanger, or in conjunction with other tubular heat exchangers e.g. Petroleum jelly can be easily heated using steam in a Dimpleflo Multitube heat exchanger then cooled through a scraped surface unit. A Thermpro temperature control system  can be integrated with the DSSHE providing optimum temperature and pressure control.

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