Dimpleflo Tritube Heat Exchangers (also known as Triple Tube Heat Exchangers) are ideal for viscous fluids where product fouling, crystallisation and particles can inhibit heat transfer is shell and tube heat exchangers.

As the name implies, a Dimpleflo Tri-Tube heat exchanger is literally, a tube within a tube within a tube. The primary fluid or product flows between a central dimple element and a jacket tube. The cooling or heating fluid passes through both the central dimple element and an outer shell jacket in counter current. This configuration of heat exchanger enables processing of highly viscous and fouling product in a single flowpath with no moving parts., Dimpleflo Tritube Heat Exchangers can simultaneously handle high temperatures and high pressures. This combined with minimal gasketing and the “self-cleaning” effect of dimples, Dimpleflo Tritubes provide the optimum in longevity and low maintenance. The use of Dimple Technology for all tube components greatly increases the heat transfer coefficient and thermal performance of the heat exchanger. The removable dimpled inner tube allows for easy inspection of annular space or product flowpath.

Dimpleflo Triple-tube-heat-exchanger-cooling desert toppings

Benefits and Features


  • Viscous sauces, syrups and toffees.

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