Dimplestream Multichannel

Our Dimplestream Multichannel Heat Exchangers includers triple tube heat exchanger (also known as Tri-Tube Heat Exchangers) to process highly gelatinous and sticky products. The addition of a central dimpled tube element with heating or cooling media eliminates any possibility of laminar flow. The product only has one orifice to flow down and the heating or cooling media has multiple channels, resulting in very high heat transfer rates.

Whilst these Multichannel Heat Exchangers are more complex to design and manufacture than monotube or double tube heat exchangers, they do not have any moving parts like Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers. This results in lower maintenance costs and down time.


For further information or to obtain a heat exchanger selection and quotation please email your requirements through to our experienced heat transfer engineers at: sales@teralba.com or phone: 1300 20 70 20