The Dimpleflo Double Pipe Heat Exchanger is the ideal choice TO TRANSFER WASTE HEAT INTO PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS THAT NEED TO BE HEATED, for energy recovery. Hot waste/effluent from laundry operations (full of lint), vegetable blanching process,( full of fibrous contaminants), abattoirs (hot wash down water) chemical/ minerals process hot waste are a hazard both to municipal and onsite waste treatment plants. The Dimpleflo has the hot waste product flows through the inner heat transfer tubes and the service fluid flows through the surrounding shell. Mostly, the cooling water used is the incoming boiler house feed water. This presents a direct energy save to both liquids. Boiler feed water being heated saves boiler fuel. Hot effluent water being cooled saves energy needed for cooling towers and refrigeration process. It is a win-win for industry, as waste heat is recovered and cost to cool is eliminated. Not to mention compliance with guidelines for temperature of hot waste effluent discharge to municipal sewerage.
Dimpleflo Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger at a waste oil application.

Because of its configuration and geometry, the Dimpleflo Double Pipe provides true counter-current heat transfer and maximum protection cross-contamination of chemicals with heating/cooling media.  Using dimple pipe (link to Dimple profile) technology, both heat transfer and efficiency are increased over traditional smooth pipe heat exchangers. A significant benefit of the “turbulence enhancing” dimples, is fouling within the heat exchanger pipe is minimised, especially when cooling contaminated and fouled liquids such as effluent.

Dimpleflo Energy Recovery Exchangers have proven to be extremely durable in harsh conditions. We have seen hot waste from laundry cooled effectively year on year, still working perfectly, with more than 20 years of continuous service. Other applications working tirelessly at wool processing facilities. More units at abattoir’s, minerals process facilities and pasteurization heat recovery. This is type of equipment that simply never needs maintenance. The simplicity is the strength. Expansion bellows are integrated in the energy recovery heat exchanger jacket to absorb differential expansion between the jacket and inner heat transfer pipe. Teralba Energy Recovery Heat Exchangers are manufactured in Australia and can include wall mounting frames, insulation and stainless steel cladding.


The Double Pipe configuration has proven ideal for capturing waste heat containing fibres, chunks or other particles that can block conventional heat exchangers including;

  • Fibrous and high lint load hot waste effluent from industrial laundry.
  • Cooling hot liquids after pasteurization hold time/temperature has been met
  • Capturing waste heat from hot abattoir washdown water
  • Recovering energy from industrial/minerals processing applications

Dimplelfo Heat exchangers for waste heat recovery are manufactured with dimpled stainless steel heat transfer pipes as standard. Energy Recovery Heat exchangers processing corrosive or erosive products can be manufactured using 2205 duplex material. The Modular design of Dimpleflo heat exchangers means they can be tailored to almost any application or environment and adapt quickly and easily to process design changes/upgrades

For further information or to obtain a heat exchanger selection and quotation please email your requirements through to our experienced heat transfer engineers at: or phone: 1300 20 70 20