Dimpleflo Modubloc Sludge Heat Exchangers are ideal for heating and cooling of sludge and slurries containing particles. Most of Australia’s capital city sewerage treatment plants us Dimpleflo Sludge Heat Exchangers for processing thickened sludge in the anaerobic digestion process.

As with all Dimpleflo Double Pipe configurations the single fluid flow path ensures viscous and fouling liquids are processed without blockages and costly maintenance procedures and can withstand high pressures and temperatures.

The dimple profile on both the inner tube and jacket of the heat exchanger, increase turbulence to substantially enhance heat transfer coefficients. An added benefit that has been proven over many decades, is that the dimple profile minimises fouling. The highly turbulent flow provides effective in-place cleaning and greatly increases run times between cleaning cycles, compared to traditional plain tube heat exchangers.

Dimpleflo Sludge Heat Exchangers are configured for specific requirements, ensuring a compact design that is tailored to each application.

Benefits and Features

Designed and manufactured in Australia Dimpleflo Double Pipe Sludge Heat Exchangers can be manufactured from a wide array of stainless steels, duplex alloys and even titanium heat transfer tubes, to accommodate most chemical and sludge compositions.

For further information or to obtain a heat exchanger selection and quotation please email your requirements through to our experienced heat transfer engineers at: sales@teralba.com or phone: 1300 20 70 20