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Applications of a double tube heat exchanger

Double tube heat exchangers, specifically Dimpleflo Tube-in-Tube type, are versatile and efficient in handling various heating, cooling, and pasteurising applications across different industries. Each of these applications highlights the flexibility and efficiency of double tube heat exchangers in providing critical temperature control in various industrial processes, ensuring product quality and safety.

Here’s an overview of each application:

Cooling Blood Plasma

Used in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, these heat exchangers cool blood plasma efficiently, a critical process for preserving its quality and safety for medical use.

Processing Injectables

Precise temperature control is vital for safe and effective processing of injectable drugs. These heat exchangers provide the conditions to process these sensitive pharmaceutical products safely.

Heating & Cooling Fruit Juices
(Including Concentrates)

Maintaining flavour and nutritional value through precise heating and cooling is key for fruit juice processing, including concentrates. These heat exchangers provide the necessary temperature control for quality juice production.

Chilling Grape Must (Including Skins and Stalks)

In winemaking, controlling grape temperature, including its skins and stalks, is essential for flavour and quality. These heat exchangers effectively chill the must, impacting the wine's final character.

Heating & Cooling Jam and Fruit Pastes

Accurate heating and cooling are necessary to preserve the texture and flavour of jams and fruit pastes. These heat exchangers provide the precise temperature control needed for high-quality fruit processing production.

Maintaining Chocolate Temperatures

In chocolate production, maintaining precise temperatures is crucial for texture and quality. These heat exchangers precisely control chocolate temperatures during processing, which is crucial for producing high-quality chocolate.

Cooling Whole Fruit Yoghurts

In the dairy industry, cooling whole fruit yoghurts without compromising the fruit's integrity and the product's texture is crucial. These heat exchangers cool yoghurts effectively while preserving their quality.

Pasteurising Custards

The pasteurisation of custards requires strict temperature control to ensure safety and quality. These heat exchangers efficiently pasteurise custards, killing harmful microbes while maintaining quality.

Cooling Pet Food, Mince, and Offal

In pet food production, cooling is essential for safety and preservation. These heat exchangers efficiently cool pet food, mince, and offal, ensuring product quality and safety.

Double tube heat exchangers customised for your application

Expansion bellows are integrated in the outer shell to absorb differential expansion and contraction between shell and inner heat transfer tube. Options for the Double Tube Heat Exchanger configuration includes ceiling or wall mounting, insulation (for chilled or high temperature) and stainless steel cladding.

Designed with high quality stainless steel for versatility

All Teralba Heat Exchangers are manufactured with 316 stainless steel dimpled heat transfer tubes as standard. Heat exchangers for tomato based products, products high in salt and other corrosive ingredients, can be manufactured using 2205 duplex material. Titanium heat transfer tubes and super duplex heat exchangers are also available. Teralba have manufactured these tube-in-tube type heat exchangers as jacketed heat transfer lines, vertical heat exchangers and virtually any shape or size.

For heating and cooling of pharmaceutical and veterinary products, Dimpleflo Monotube Heat Exchangers can be supplied with internal surface finishes of 0.4Ra and complete quality assurance.

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