Accu-Therm Sanitary Plate Heat Exchanger Series (also known as PHE’s) are ideal for applications where the fluids have comparatively low viscosity with nil particles. Quality Plate Heat Exchangers achieve some of the highest heat transfer coefficients of all heat exchanger types and are the optimum choice for close temperature approaches i.e where product outlet temperature is close to the service inlet temperature.

Accu-Therm Plate heat exchangers consist of thin, corrugated heat transfer plates compressed inside a frame, with the product in every second channel and service fluid in between the product channels. The heat transfer plates incorporate a stamped herringbone pattern and are assembled in an inverse configuration to create two sets of parallel channels, one for each liquid. The herringbone patterns point in opposite directions, creating a lattice in each channel. This provides a high level of turbulence, which in turn leads to very high heat transfer rates.

Accu-Therm Sanitary PHE’s heat transfer plates are sealed with proven clip-in gaskets and elastomers such as Nitrile NBR, EPDM and silicon, are available. Frames for the sanitary units are typically 304 stainless steel with Tri-Clamp or BSM connections and can include height adjustable sanitary feet for food processing areas. Alternatively, a forklift base on the heat exchanger allows the unit to be moved around a large winery or food and beverage plant. Both connections and plates can be supplied in alternative materials for particularly challenging food processing tasks.

Teralba Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger with adjustable feet

Benefits and Features


  • Heating & cooling water-like fluids.
  • Steam-to-Water water heating
  • Product-to-product heat regeneration, aquaculture, heating and cooling for pasteurisation, brewery/liquor/wine temperature adjustment.

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