Accu-Therm Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Accu-Therm Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (also known as BPE’s) are small and compact units capable of withstanding high pressures and temperatures and are ideal for clean low viscosity fluids with no particulates. Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are rugged and cost effective, capable of withstanding high pressures and suitable for direct expanding refrigerants, heating and cooling service fluids. For extreme heat transmission jobs, a brazed plate heat exchanger can provide a strong and efficient solution.

The heat transfer surface in Accu-therm Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers consists of thin corrugated stainless steel plates, brazed into a block, without the use of gaskets. Copper is typically used as the brazing material. As with Accu-Therm Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers, every second channel through the pack of heat transfer plates has the heating media and every alternative channel, the cooling fluid.

Teralba Accu-Therm Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers _Stacked

Benefits and Features



  • HVAC heating and cooling
  • Pool water heating
  • Heat recovery of clear fluids in close temperature approaches.
  • High temperature and pressure application such as steam.
Each Accu-therm Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is specifically designed by our experienced team using the latest heat transfer design software. Heat exchangers are then quoted from locally stocked inventory. To obtain a quote on a an Accu-Therm BPE please email; Or if you would like to discuss any heat exchanger application please phone 1300 20 70 20