Dimpleflo Technology

Teralba’s unique ‘dimple profile’ is used to increase turbulence of the product and service media. The increased turbulence results in a reduction of the total surface area arrangement for a specific duty and creates a high heat transfer coefficient without excessive pressure loss.

A clear drainage passage in both the product and service channels provide the ultimate hygiene, achieved by the unique arrangement of the dimple profiles.

This remarkable innovation was developed by the founder of Teralba Industries as a result of his observations of how much quicker liquids heat and/or cool when laminar flow patterns are disturbed or interrupted. By arranging dimples at just the right pitch and centres, the liquid is ‘jostled’ but not restricted and there is little change in the pressure drop characteristics compared to plain (undimpled) surfaces.

There is a HUGE change in the heat transfer rates; efficiency rates soar and the cleanability of the tubes remain closely comparable to plain tubes, as there are no continuous corrugations, which retain product/cleaning solution.

The Dimple effect also reduces fouling on the tube wall surfaces which allows longer run times between cleaning cycles.


Benefits and Features

Ideal for large particles, viscous, sticky and crystalline products.