Environmental Awareness

Recycle / Reduce / Reuse

Teralba Industries is an environmentally conscious organisation committed to energy conservation and reduction in waste. Care of the environment is paramount in conducting business and we are committed to sustainability, improvement and prevention of waste and pollution.

This dedication is evidenced in a number of technologies that have been developed by Teralba over the years, including Dimpleflo®  and the energy-efficient impellors used in clamp-on, top entry and IBC mixers.

With more than 90 per cent of our products being manufactured from recyclable materials and the anticipated average equipment cycle life span exceeding 10 years, Teralba’s policy is to act responsibly toward our fragile ecosystem.

Dimpleflo Heat Exhanger Pipe

Energy-Saving Technologies Mean Green House Gas Saving Results

Energy savings from recovered heat is an area of Teralba’s expertise and many clients are reaping the benefits of this proficiency.

One such example of this technology can be seen when hot waste streams are cooled in Dimpleflo® tube in tube or shell and tube heat exchangers by incoming process fluids. Energy is reclaimed from the waste liquid, reducing discharge temperature to conform to government regulations. There is also a direct energy saving by transferring the heat recovered into the incoming liquids.

Investment payback times on Dimpleflo® tube in tube and shell and tube heat exchangers can be as short as six months, aided by current government policy and energy cost savings.

Clamp-on, top entry and IBC mixers also feature energy-saving technologies. The powerful liquid stream created by Superflo impellors in clamp-on, top entry and IBC mixers produces up to 65 per cent more agitation per kilowatt than conventional units, making it not only greener but providing impressive cost savings.

Environmental Standards

Teralba Industries adheres to and conducts business in accordance with the requirements of environmental regulations and legislation. Along with meeting the requirements of the Environmental Management System based on AS/NZS 14001, Teralba:

  • Ensures continual compliance with applicable environmental laws.
  • Exceeds, where possible, minimum standards of compliance that are usually set at safe level.
  • Minimises the impact of our activities on the environment.
  • Ensures our survey and design procedures and projects are safe for our customers, public and the environment.

Applying best practice principles through measures and monitoring guidelines during the design, manufacturing and product installation phases is an important value proposition from Teralba Industries.

For more information on the environmental profile of our products and our manufacturing processes, contact Teralba today on 1300 20 70 20.