About Us

An ongoing dedication to providing solutions, ongoing innovation and manufacturing the highest quality products has seen Teralba through more than 40 years in the fluid process equipment sector.

Producing both our own patented designs for industrial mixers, tube in tube and shell and tube heat exchangers, along with Accu-therm plate heat exchangers, we are constantly looking within and without for the best solutions to customer problems.

The result of innovation and a dedication to quality is efficient, durable and cost-effective equipment that is also environmentally friendly.


Teralba engineers customer-specific solutions through extensive consultation with clients, ensuring that equipment is perfectly tailored to meet specifications.

Sales staff and engineers have the experience to develop customised solutions for customers across a diverse range of industries, including:

Incorporating detailed design facilities within the business, including CAD drawing and 3D modelling for drafting technical and engineered designs, provides us with the ability to produce unique, precise solutions.

This problem-solving approach is both reactive – in response to inquiries – and proactive, as evidenced in Teralba’s impressive range of in-house designed industrial mixers, tube in tube and shell and tube heat exchangers.


Innovation is fundamental to our business and is at the centre of who we are and what we do, as evidenced by the number of trademarked products that have been conceptualised by company personnel.

Among these are the Dimpleflo® range of Monotube tube in tube and Multitube shell and tube heat exchangers, designed for maximum efficiency in the processing of a wide range of gases and fluids.

Complementing these highly efficient systems are the Accu-therm plate heat exchangers, designed for minimum physical and environmental footprint. Teralba has partnered with a leading global innovator to produce these plate heat exchangers under licence.

Teralba’s innovations in the area of industrial mixers include the Superflo range of energy-efficient impellors. These produce up to 65 per cent more agitation per kilowatt over and above other conventional industrial mixer units.


We are committed to maintaining our strong reputation for delivering high quality goods. To do this, we use best practice methods to provide the highest level of service to all markets and industries.

All products are tested against stringent quality control measures that adhere to Australian standards as well as the international standards associated with our export markets.

Believing that quality and care go hand-in-hand, we are dedicated to complying not only with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems but also an Environmental Management System based on AS/NZS 14001. As such, production processes as well as manufactured equipment are designed with minimal environmental impact in mind.

For more information on industrial mixers, shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, or a range of other fluid processing solutions from Teralba please email : sales@teralba.com or phone: 1300 20 70 20