Out With The Old & In With The New – Not Quite!

“Out with the old and in with the new” seems to be a catch cry in our modern “throw-away”economy, however this is not always the best solution for equipment installed in  infrastructure and processing facilities. Custom made or “design specific” equipment such as heat exchangers may be costly to replace with an “off-the-shelf” heat exchanger.

The team at Teralba not only  design and manufacture new tubular and plate heat exchangers, but also provide a complete heat exchanger refurbishing service, in our Sydney manufacturing centre. 

The custom heat exchanger pictured had corroded cupro nickel tubes replaced with 316 stainless steel, pressure tested and reinstalled by Teralba service technicians.

Not sure if new or refurbishment of your heat exchanger is the best option? Conatct sales@teralba.com

or call: 1300 70 20 70. 

Air to Liquid Heat Exchanger Refurbishment

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