With the Global Financial Crisis becoming smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror of our minds and the Australian dollar dropping, the Australian marketplace is coming into its own once again and booming with all its might against our overseas competitors! Slowly, but surely Australian manufacturers just like Teralba Industries are finding their places within the global market are becoming more concrete with every passing day.

Once Upon A Time, there lived an amazing country called Australia. Australia had always dreamed to one day become a fierce competitor in the global manufacturing market, but alas! Time after time, Australia’s ugly Step-Sisters Asia and Europe were able to produce the same items as Australia, but at a much more desirable price. This was all thanks to Australia’s evil Step-Mother, Exchange Rate.

Okay, okay. I’ll stop with the fairy tales. But really – this truly is a Cinderella story for the Aussie market. The hard work of building up a reputation for amazing quality in manufacturing and willingness to go the extra mile is starting to pay off for Australian manufacturers. Because the exchange rate is better, our prices and products are beginning to look really attractive to both the Australian market, and the Global market.

In the Australian market, instead of seeking out manufacturers overseas, more and more manufacturing jobs are staying within Australia because we can now offer more competitive prices and better lead times. For the same reasons, the Global market is now choosing Australia as well.

Teralba has seen an increase in overseas orders across the board – but particularly in Heat Exchange equipment. Where once it was quicker and less expensive to look to China for Heat Exchangers, the UK is now looking to Australian grown companies, like Teralba for their heating and cooling solutions.

With special thanks to the internet existing, it is now easier than ever for customers to research and find Australian made products that suit their specific needs.

Take for instance, Teralba’s PT Rummager. This handy little machine is our most simple and economical mixer. It suits a wide variety of applications and can be shipped the same day you order. In the days before the internet was common to every business, this mixer could only reach the market through distribution networks. Whereas now, we can receive local and overseas web inquiries immediately directly from the customer.

PT Rummager

This initial, direct line of communication through the internet can completely cut out the middle-man in the process. Customers coming to the manufacturer rather than through a distributor are able to save some serious time and cash! There are no product mark ups and no double shipping costs. It’s a win-win situation.

As the old saying goes, it’s all about location, location, location! And as of right now, Australia is the place to be.  For more information on our range of products contact our friendly team now!

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