Contrary to popular belief, the best things in life are not for free. The best things in life are created by pressure. You know, things like diamonds… and beer! Teralba Industries has the perfect pressure tanks to enable you to create one of the most precious substances known to Aussie men.

Teralba Industries has been the supplier of Casella Family Wines pressure tanks for their Sparkling Wines range for many years. So when they decided to venture into the brilliant world of beer brewing, they knew just who to call to design, manufacture and install their series of Beer Fermentation and Bright Beer Storage Vessels.

Casella needed twelve huge 60 Kilolitre Fermentation Vessels and six 60 Kilolitre Bright Beer Storage Vessels to begin brewing their newest product “ARVO” Beer. They contacted Teralba with a challenge – could we have these tanks installed and ready to rock and roll, before the time they had been quoted for similar tanks to be shipped out to Australia from Europe? Could we ever!


If there is anything we are more passionate about than beer, it’s keeping manufacturing in Australia. We were delighted that this challenge had been issued, and couldn’t wait to prove our worth.

Teralba’s jacketed refrigerated vessels are designed in house by our engineers and verified before being granted formal Statutory Registration for use in the work place. One critical requirement for them to obtain registration, is to ensure that the internal finish of the tanks is polished so smooth that it’s almost like looking in a mirror. Why is that such an important requirement?

Imagine this: you’ve spent months scouring the world for the perfect ingredients, you bring them home and lovingly measure, mix and craft them into what you’re sure is going to be the world’s best draught. You wait patiently for months, checking on your brew every day, giving it what it needs to grow and be nurtured.

Finally, the day arrives when you can turn the tap. You have been anticipating this moment for so long now, you can almost taste it – that cold, delicious, golden, bubbly refreshment. You turn the tap, and devastation sets in. Your heart sinks. Your eyes water. Your brew, your beloved brew, has been spoiled by bacteria that were harbored in the walls of your fermentation tank.

The finished Fermentation Vessels in an Eco-Green Cladding

If only you had one of Teralba’s wonderfully, mechanically polished entirely smooth Fermentation Vessels. Right now you could be enjoying your very own, unspoiled brew – just like Casella Wines Beer.

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