Let’s talk dimples. No – not the kind you find on the pinchable cheeks of children. The kind you find inside Teralba’s Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers. The kind that enables Dimpleflo to outperform all other forms of Heat Exchanger!

The Dimpleflo Heat Exchanger is an innovation from the early 90’s, characterized by the hollows created on the inner tube of the machine. The dimpled effect is created by fashioning indentations evenly spaced the whole way around the tube. These dimples prevent the product (liquid or gas) from creating a streamlined or laminar flow through the tube. They disrupt the laminar flow and create a jostling effect on the product, earning it worldwide recognition as the most effective heat transfer enhancement!

“But how?” I hear you ask. The jostling is the key. As the product is forced through the tube, the dimples jostle the product around; mixing it and creating a higher heat transfer co efficient – thus creating a higher heat transfer rate. Kind of like heating up a baby’s bottle too much. To cool it, you run it under cold water, but that only cools the outer most layer of milk. So to cool it quickly and evenly, you disturb the liquid by swirling the bottle around.

“So what?” You say. Well! Ordinarily, to quickly and efficiently carry out heat transfer, you need to use a tube with a small diameter. This uses a lot of energy. By using dimples to jostle the product, it enables you to use a larger diameter tube with lower energy outlay. It’s a win-win situation! You get more heat transfer for less energy use!

 “Oh wow!” you exclaim. We know how you feel. Who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of saving money? But your savings won’t stop there. Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers can be made overly smaller than other tube in tubes because they’re more efficient at what they do. Meaning you’re saving on space. You could use this saved space to dance around in your excitement, or for another heat exchanger to raise your productivity while keeping your costs virtually the same.

Dimpleflo has an amazingly diverse range of applications too. It can be used to create better product consistency throughout food processing, beverage manufacturing, wastewater, chemical uses, nuclear uses, biopharmaceutical uses, oil and gas, and mining slurries, just to name a few. Each machine is custom designed to suit exactly your needs.

So why choose Dimpleflo? Do the jostle. Save money, time, energy, and space.

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