Teralba Industries recently supplied a Mixpro Inline Emulsifier to a customer with a need, a need for speed! The company started off on a day-by-day trial to make sure this Emulsifier was everything they wanted, and  two weeks later they purchased the Emulsifier in full.

A chemical manufacturer in Nowra, NSW, approached Teralba to provide a solution to make the manufacturing of their range of cosmetic cleansers and creams more efficient.

The previous method for blending powders into liquids involved using a conventional paddle mixer. With this method there is no guarantee that the product has been mixed properly – it is common to find that powders build up on the sides of the tank and the on the paddle, or form clumps throughout the mixture. This means that other mixing processes need to be applied during manufacturing to create a homogeneous product.

The defects in the product can be straightened out with more processing – but you can’t get back the time that is wasted in correcting the problems! The previous methods used took up a huge amount of time, man power and patience – giving our customer the need for an overall less complex and speedier process.

Enter Mixpro! Our knight in shining Stainless Steel. The Mixpro Inline Emulsifier is new to Teralba’s growing range of products and was exactly what our customer needed to settle their mixing mishaps. The Mixpro connects to the existing mixing vessel and adds the powdered ingredients into the liquid stream in the mixer. High shear disintegrating pump heads force the product through a screen which creates a high shear action and results in emulsion in just minutes!

The end result is guaranteed to be mixed perfectly every time, increasing the quality of your product, and instead of the process taking many hours to create a homogeneous product, it takes only minutes! This reduced manufacturing time means reduced man power/man hours as there is only one machine to be worked. It also means you save money and energy because the machine is not switched on for nearly as long as previously.

Thanks to the Mixpro Inline Emulsifier, your productivity will skyrocket! You can now create triple the product, in a fraction of the time. Now THAT is speedy.

Have you got the need for speed? Want to get your hands on Teralba’s newest money saver? Contact our friendly team now!

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